About Us

WARPIGSWEAR is an idea, a passion that has been driven by my Marine Corps career and the loss of good men while serving as both a Marine and a Security Contractor in High Threat Environments.  My pride and honor to be an American has never been stronger. Because of this pride and passion for the United States of America,  the men and women that have severed, are serving and plan to serve I started WARPIGSWEAR. This brand is driven by the Warrior mindset and overwhelming urge that a person possesses to protect another that cannot protect their self. It is these men and women that continue to make the sacrifice and stand between what some believe does not exist.   As Warpigs we believe and take it as an honor to fight for what we believe in and will never except anything less.  At Warpigs we know what it is to serve and to have lost. We have walked that road and will continue to walk it for our brothers and sisters.